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The Spagehtti Factory offers great food at reasonable prices. All our entrees come complete with a crisp green salad, sourdough bread, coffee or tea, and spumoni ice cream at no additional charge. Without a doubt, The Old Spaghetti Factory is the best dining value anywhere.
Louise's Trattoria's humble beginnings trace back to 26th Street in Brentwood. A tiny storefront with barely ten tables, serving handmade Italian food at unbelievable prices, became the rage of the Westside. A pioneer in the combination of trendy, yet casual dine-in and convenient, quality home meal replacement, Louise's quickly made its mark.
This simple Mexican restaurant on east Melrose has an unusual history which is intertwined with Hollywood movie stars, rock singers and politicians. It was here at Lucy's that Linda Ronstadt was introduced to California Governor Jerry Brown (by the restaurant's owner), leading to a lengthy and well-publicized romance between the singer and the presidential candidate. 5536 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA. (323) 462-9421.
Everyone flocks to this restaurant for gooey queso fundido (melted cheese), green-corn tamales and fresh guacamole. There's also a decent selection of fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes, including shrimp in garlic sauce and spinach enchiladas. The interior is groovy Nuevo Mexican: a couple of pinatas, bright, primary colors and a bar where you can count on knockout margaritas with the best tequilas. 2121 Hillhurst Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 661-7227
The Forbidden City features great Chinese food in the main Dining Room and exclusive Mezzanine VIP Area. The Forbidden City is one of LA's hottest nightspots with great entertainment, excellent food, cool drinks and even cooler atmosphere. The Forbidden City Features Four Areas to quench your thirst for nightlife. The Main Dining Area, Lounge, The Mezzanine / VIP and the outdoor Patio are all designed to exceed your night life expectations. 1718 Vine St, Hollywood, California 90038 (323) 461-2300
Asian food at its best! Inside, the priceless "Lady of White Lotus" statue oversees a parade of decked-out nightlifers heading for one of two bars or a seat at the plush pews. Celebs stick to lavish VIP areas, but can also be spotted groovin' to hip-hop hits on the dance floor. Smokers bond outside on the small patio adjacent to the dance area. 1743 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, California 90028, (323) 463-0060
While the standards are superior, it's hard to resist the exotic specialties. Wild boar in spicy coconut sauce is chewy, but incredibly flavorful; deer in crispy mint leaves is rich and luscious; frogs legs fried in chili with green peppercorns are heavenly. Carpaccio fans will reach nirvana with the lime-drenched, basil-tinged, chili-infused raw beef salad. Milder thrills are found in the coconut-chicken soup or delicate fish broth, full of snapper floating in aromatic lime leaves.
Thai cuisine is considered among the world's most delicious, with a unique blend of particular tastes: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime).
The world-famous House of Blues on the Sunset Strip offers a music calendar and dinner menus. Click above for directions and details. Let your mouth water over classic Southern-inspired Cuisine like Voodoo Shrimp, Tennessee Baby Back Ribs and the Cajun classic, Creole Jambalaya while you watch a show you will never forget.
The original Hollywood Billiards was established in 1916 when Louis B. Mayer built the four-story building on the corner of Hollywood & Western. He used the top floors for his offices and divided the basement into a bowling alley and billiard room. Later, he expanded the billiard room to include the whole basement. From the start, Hollywood Billiards thrived as a dark and dingy, no-frills basement pool hall home to some of the greatest players in the world.
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